about LoLu

Fine Art

LoLu Design fuses photography, technology and design into artwork that is rich in detail and meaning. Founded by Ri Anderson, a visual artist, LoLu weaves often unexpected photographic elements into intricate patterns and new forms. Full of innovative content and form, these patterns invite the viewer to contemplate from both close and afar. We consider each pattern to be a completed work of "digital embroidery" and an artwork in itself.

Digital Embroidery

"Digital embroidery" is a technique and term invented by Anderson in her fine artwork which she has carried over to LoLu Design. It explains the meticulous, time consumptive manner in which visual photographic elements are first isolated then stitched together in the computer to create elaborate and innovative forms layered with detail and meaning.


LoLu Design is named after Anderson's 2 daughters. Anderson began her career as a fine art photographer, working in an autobiographical mode and photographing her life with her two young daughters. When her daughters were very young she photographed and scanned their hair, teeth, even their birth. She spent hours at the computer creating intricate designs from isolated elements of these photographs and scans. Born and raised in the northeastern United States and raising her daughters in Mexico, Anderson is influenced by both Mexican collage art and Victorian design. Her daughters continue to be her greatest source of inspiration.

High Resolution

All designs are multilayered, high resolution composites. This enables LoLu Design to offer them with a repeat size of your choice, making the imagery more recognizable as the repeat size gets larger, to more abstract as the repeat size decreases. Furthermore, the colors can be altered and all designs are offered in black and white, sepia, and other color variations.


LoLu Design's artworks are available for licensing and we also offer custom designed work based on your interests and needs. All designs require personal attention. Please contact us for more information.


Custom design is based on an hourly rate. Existing patterns are available for licensing. Please contact us for more information.